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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Baby Turned 1!

Remember when I did a wrap-up of 2011 and officially rang in 2012 and put 2011 behind us all?  Yea about that...forgive me for a minute as I jump back again.  You see, just a couple weeks before we rang in the new year, we had another celebration - My baby turned 1 year old!  I take birthdays rather seriously, so when I realized I left the picture out in my year-end review, I couldn't just let it go.  Without further adieu, Levi's Winter ONEderland.

That's a chocolate snowman with accompanying vanilla cupcakes.  Buttercream "snow" top them off.  Ugh - apologies for the blurry photo.  Said one year old loves to play with the camera and leave smudges on the lense.  But that's ok, his cuteness makes up for it:

The boy had no remorse for tearing the snowman's head to pieces.  The true sign of a delicious cake.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A 2011 Wrap Up

Needless to say, it seems I more than fell behind in posting my cakes in 2011.  It became all too easy to post the pictures on Facebook and neglect the site.  But not everyone is on Facebook, so I am going to be as intentional as I can at getting back here with the pictures from this point forward.

So, let's do a quick review of what was skipped in 2011:

A remodel of the peanut butter chocolate cake I had made a couple years back.  Vanilla cake this time, peanut butter icing, Flyer's dark chocolate peanut butter ganache.  If you're familiar with TastyKakes, that hail from Philly, just think KandyKake.

Largest cake ever.  It's a shame this is just being thrown into the mix and not being given it's own post.  Because this cake was massive.  It's an exact replica (to the best of my ability) of a C-17, which a friend of mine flies in the US Air Force.  Topping out at 3ft long, the wing span was equal in width.  It consisted of 3 flavors of cake - chocolate, vanilla, and coconut marble, all covered in buttercream icing.  The wings were made of sugar cookie and the engines of ice cream cones.  It barely survived the heat of the 105 degree July day.

Rose cupcakes for my cousin's 15th birthday.  She loves the hot pink/black combo, so these were nestled in cute black polka dotted liners then finalized with black sprinkles.  And chocolate - of course.

We held a baby shower for my sister-in-law in August with a beach theme.  The windsurfing board on the left was created with my brother in mind.  I iced the logo of the windsurfing board he owns onto the cake.

Happy 1st birthday to my nephew, Logan, in August!  My sister received the sports-loving gene in my family (as I did not).  The baseball cake was a perfect fit, also memorializing Logan's daddy, Mike, who certainly would have been found playing wiffle ball that day with his little boy.  We missed him, and I hoped to do this cake well for him, too.

My sweet niece was Christened this year as well.  A simple chocolate cake topped cupcakes that were French toast flavored with maple cream cheese icing to go right along with the brunch we enjoyed.  Mini roses were a cute and dainty fit.

A request for the previous block cake I made.  The color scheme for this one was entirely different - bright "boyish" colors for the birthday boy's 1st birthday.  The teddy bear on the side was a special piece for the guest of honor - entirely made of cake!

A Year of the Rabbit themed baby shower for a precious little baby girl.  

A repeat request for the Flyer's cake with the same KandyKake flavors.  This cake was ordered by a dear friend of mine who is serving in the Marines.  I delivered it to his brother the morning of his birthday.  Since my friend could not be there to see his brother receive the cake, he asked me to have RAY IS AWESOME iced all along the bottom border of the cake.  No questioning who the cake was from!

A baby boy shower.  The centerpiece cake was small, but stood nearly 4 1/2 inches high!  The cake topper was a sugar cookie for the mommy to enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed my year-end round up!  Expect regular updates now, hopefully throughout all of 2012!