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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Baby Turned 1!

Remember when I did a wrap-up of 2011 and officially rang in 2012 and put 2011 behind us all?  Yea about that...forgive me for a minute as I jump back again.  You see, just a couple weeks before we rang in the new year, we had another celebration - My baby turned 1 year old!  I take birthdays rather seriously, so when I realized I left the picture out in my year-end review, I couldn't just let it go.  Without further adieu, Levi's Winter ONEderland.

That's a chocolate snowman with accompanying vanilla cupcakes.  Buttercream "snow" top them off.  Ugh - apologies for the blurry photo.  Said one year old loves to play with the camera and leave smudges on the lense.  But that's ok, his cuteness makes up for it:

The boy had no remorse for tearing the snowman's head to pieces.  The true sign of a delicious cake.

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