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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bridal Shower Elegance

I can feel the summer wedding season is upon us because I have a number of bridal shower cake requests coming in.  Here's the first!  

The color scheme matches the colors for the wedding.  The cake flavors were your classic chocolate and vanilla with buttercream icing.  The letters in the middle are the couple's monogram.  Here is the funny conversation between my husband and me that ensued with those letters:

Me: (after making the middle letter) Honey, what letter is that?
Him:  G
Me:  Crap...
(10 minutes later...)
Me: Honey, what letter is that?
Him: C
Me:  (sigh of relief) Thank you
Him:  What letter should I be telling you?

Always good to have someone around who knows nothing about the project.  Otherwise, I would have been marrying this girl to some guy with a different last name initial than her fiance!  Never a good thing.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Boy Shower

The women in my church have been on a baby boy streak. Within one year, we have welcomed 5 baby boys and only 2 baby girls into the world. Well, here comes baby boy six!

I am so very excited for these two people to become parents!  I wanted to make sure their baby shower cake was extra special, so I did a little investigative work to find out what would most be enjoyed by the mommy-to-be.  The top tier was made with her in mind - chocolate cake with peanut butter icing filling.  Since I know not everyone is a chocolate/peanut butter fan, I made something completely different for the bottom tier - vanilla cake with buttercream and raspberry filling.