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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nursing School Graduation

I know quite a few nurses-  some family, some friends, and some just the sweet people who were there for me when I had my kids.  These people deal with a lot of things most of us couldn't even imagine facing at work.  So if someone graduates nursing school with the heart to help others in that way, I say they well deserve a cake to recognize their efforts!  Heck, cupcakes too.  They've earned it.

For this nursing school graduate, I made a scrubs shirt cake decked out with a stethoscope, name tag (with he graduates name on it), scissors, and pen.  The cake was vanilla with buttercream icing.  There were both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes as well.  Each cupcake had a little handmade chocolate topper on it - either a band-aid or a stethoscope with heart.  A great way to say congratulations and a pre-thank you for the hard work ahead.

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